Loistavaa palvelua; irroitettava koukku ja DEFAn moottorilämmitin + sisäpistoke yli tonnin halvemmalla kuin Suomessa. Helpdesk hoiti homman ensiluokkaisesti! Great service; towbar and engine heater much heaper than in Finland and the helpdesk was excellent!
Matti S, Opel Astra K 2015

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Have you ever asked yourself how important the safe quality installation is for the car? It counts as much as good components. You should know that if You pick the expensive speakers and amplifiers, and decide to install them with a help of a friend electrician, the components will never play for the amount You have invested! We confidently assert that though inexpensive, but professionally installed components will play far much better than the top-notch models screwed into various „unexpected” places.
Installation cost in different firms may vary considerably. The time, necessary for installation of one and the same system, might vary greatly too. Let us see why in one workshop you can get everything installed almost for free while in the other you will have to lash out.

Placing your order, study how everything is going to look under the upholstery, how the equipment will be attached, how the cables will be placed, fixed and secured, how the potential of the new components will be realized, and whether the car will be ready for reаlization of all that potential.

Have a look at our work and how we do it before you trust us your car, and make sure everything will get done faultlessly.

Installing speakers

The process starts from the moment You take the dynamics from a box. No dynamic speaker will play just taken into one’s hands – so, design is important, too!
Installation of loudspeakers requires their correct arrangement, direction, and, in case the speakers are installed in a door, the special audio preparation of the door.


Installing Amplifiers

Amplifiers require a special approach to installation. They are heavy and need cooling, and the easy approach is important as well.



Installing Head Unit

Head unit replacement in modern car often requires making constructional changes. The measure of successful installation more and more is not only the sound quality itself, but how nice istallation is and how well it matches the design of Your car.


Installing Subwoofer

Subfoower is vitally essential in оrder to receive the powerful and deep bass in the car. Nowadays no serios audio system can exist without a subwoofer. Ноwever, subwoofer requires a body that is not exactly the small one. What can be done, if the trunk space is of the utmost impоrtance, while You still would like to listen to music?



You might wonder why installing cables should be so important in installation of audio system. Reliability of the whole system depends on quality of installing cables.
Inaccurately laid and protected cables increase a risk of short failure or impedient sounding.


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