Thank's for the insulation of my new Octavia (premium). The first
experience is positive and the car seem definitely more silent. Worth the
price. Proffessional done, high quality, great communication, highly

Kaj Kiviharju, Finland, Skoda Octavia Combi Elegance

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Good job guys, keep it up!
Nik Vashilov, VW Passat

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Window Тinting

Watching fish in a tank through transparent glasses may be exciting. But you’re not fish in a tank, are you?
Walls of your house are meant to separate your private life from the outer world. And car today seems to be our second home. Right? So, mind your privacy and enjoy other benefits from tinting the car glasses. 
Well, let us have a look into all benefits of tinting, apart from privacy.

Professional tinting of glasses, performed by specialists of our company, will:
1. Protect You from glass shatters in case of an accident or hitting the car glass with foreign particles;
2. prevent the interior from heating in the sun;
3. protect from mirror dazzle by lights from the cars driving behind;
4. guarantee safety of the possesions left inside;
5. protect the interior upholstery from fading;
6. and the last, but not the least, give your car the stylish appearance.

In the process of tinting, a special polymeric layer, the so called „film”, is applied on the car glasses from the inside. But only the professional installation can ensure that the glasses look as if they have been manufactured on the plant. Initially, car glass tinting was intended for protection of passengers from the bright sun rays. This is especially important, if you travel together with a child. The quality tinting blocks the UV light and saves passengers from the bright sun. This is like wearing fine sunglasses ... rely on tinting and drive with comfort!


Ceramic window tinting

New generation Glass Tinting with nano-ceramic structure. This is the best protection against solar heat and interior heating. Even light-colored Ceramic tinting provides good thermal protection and blocks a large number of infrared rays.

Cermaic window tinting costs


Premuim Window Tinting

You have purchased your car for a long way and it has become a member of Your family?
In this case, the Premium tinting is the right choice for You. Premium means the respectable appearance and clear vision from the inside, even with the darkest tinting colours. It is a guarantee for life combined with the ideal performance.

Соst per a passenger car – 189€


Executive Glass Tinting

Do You care about your children and want to protect them from the sun? Or do You want to distinguish youself among your friends and other people?
Тhen opt for Executive Tinting. This tinting is notable for its top-notch sophisticated semi-mirror exterior and can perfectly protect people sitting inside the car from the sun. The Executive Tinting allows absolutely clear vision from the inside!

Соst per a passenger car 210


We use the professional materials supplied by Amеrican manufacturer Johnson. In our showroom we have 14 pattern examples exhibited on the glasses on a stand. You can select tinting by putting a glass pattern against your car.
There are quite a few features in our arsenal explaining why you should entrust your car namely to us:
1. Due to our experience, glasses of your car will look as if they have been manufactured on the plant – no white trims around glasses, flecks of dust, etc.
2. When replacing glasses, You are always sure to find a matching tone, as we have been using the materials from one and the same manufacturer for more than 10 years
3. Before handing-over, the tinting You ordered will pass the quality control
4. You will get a certificate containing information about the applied materials
5. We are sure to take on any of Your comments in regard to our work
6. Your car will be pampered by our company’s professionals, not by so-called „visitants”, and thus we are always responsible for what we do
7. Personal approach is always ensured. It is namely You who are of the utmost importance for us!

Our company has been doing tinting since the year of 1999, and we have completed tinting for mоrе than 10000 cаrs.

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