I had terrible tyre noice in my car Chrysler Sebring 2.7 model 2005. Now I have much less tyre noice after installing the PREMIUM noice Insulation 1.8.2014 and I got very good service and they did exellent job and all as agreed.

Harry Juselius, Chrysler Sebring

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Quick shipping and good communication.

Jukka Sinkkonen

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Noise insulation

You have almost chosen a new car, and you do like everything about it, and you have already fallen a bit in love with it ... but the test drive revealed – it appears to be noisy! You are not exactly happy with such level of noise. Does it mean you have to refuse it?

Noway! This problem can be solved with a help of some additional noise insulation. Сommunicate us, explain what kind of noise annoys you, and we will certainly offer you a solution!
We have developed for You several packages which ensure the desirable result.
Let us say, if you try to make the Standard Package cheaper, you are risking either to get an unsatisfactory result or no result at all.
That is why we are not offering you „easy” solutions anymore. Select something that really works! 

Noise Insulation Package CLASSIC

If You mostly drive your car in the city, this is a Noise Insulation Package for You. It sorts out the main problems of modern medium class car. This package includes boot treatment up to back seats together with rear wings, doors, bonnet as well as the front wheel arches and wings. By selecting this package, You opt for better acoustics, avoid drumming of door lining, considerably decrease rear wheels noise, plus work of suspension becomes “softer” and more comfortable.
Package price – 795 €


Noise Insulation PREMIUM

Nobody understands the personal needs of a car owner more than we do! We fondly welcome new customers to enjoy sound insulation solution tailored for personal requirements. The Premium sound insulation Package means the ultimate use of materials spent on the project. This package combines only the best of our developments put into practice during the years. We will pay attention to each plastic part of Your car interior and work out thoroughly all of Your comments about the car.

Price of the package – 1590 €


Here You can find our materials prices.
We will install into your car a combination of the most effective Silent Coat noise insulation materials that are available today.
The combination contains 2 – 3 coats of materials that differ according to their properties. First, vibration absorber is placed on a metal sheet, next comes the turn of some sound insulator. Such combinations enable to obtain the optimum result.
What result can be achieved after installation the full sound insulation with us?
1. Noise from the rear wheels disappears entirely
2. Noise from the passing cars reduces dramatically
3. Roof and floor noise from high speed disappears
4. Engine roar is a bit muffled
5. Road rumble in front becomes considerably lower
6. Vibration from engine working at the idle speed is significantly reduced
7. Car drives more gently on a bumpy road, stiffness on pits disappears
8. Audio equipment sounding improves extremely, bass becomes clear and dynamic
9. Creaks of the interior plastic parts disappear
10. Doors will close with a dull sound, without clinking
Our company has been professionally dealing with sound insulation from the year of 2001. Today we are the most experienced company in Estonia which performs vehicles sound insulation. Car sound insulation, performed with us, has the absolute guarantee of the desired result, and none of Your comments will remain unattended.
Make it come true! Try out our personal, yet unobtrusive, and reliable service created within more than a 10-year-long period of the professional development.

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