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Arto Mäkinen, BMW 525 F10

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Premium audio system for BMW

Replace ordinary audio system in your BMW with a Premium class system! With Premium system both quality and power of the sound will be significantly improved for a reasonable price at our atelier!

This audio system, developed specially for BMW, includes two additional amplifiers and high class speakers. We do not change anything in the car interior, but just add the pleasure from driving the car!

The system could be installed in the majority of modern BMW models:

BMW 1 Series: E81, E82, E87, E88
BMW 3 Series: E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F31
BMW 5 Series: E60, E61, E63, F10, F11
BMW 7 Series: E65, F01
BMW X Series: E84, E70, E71, F15, F16
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All the speakers will be replaced with more powerful ones, that have more enjoyable sounding. The kit includes: rear speakers, 2 low frequency speakers (subwoofers) for installation under the seats, mid-range speakers for doors and high frequency speakers (tweeters) for installation in mirror corners.

In standard Premium audio system will be installed U-Dimension speakers of special Element series for BMW: 2 Excursion amplifiers of 500W RMS total power – one for subwoofers and the second one for the other speakers.

If you are real connoisseur of sound quality, then Premium Plus audio system for BMW is the right choice! In that sound system the speakers are of even higher class and and with better sound quality – PRO-series U-Dimension for BMW, and more powerful 700W RMS amplifiers.

Premium audio system with installation costs – 890€ 790€ 
Premium Plus audio system with installation costs – 1100€ 990€ .

Both systems could be listened and compared at our salon at Madara 22. We are the only car atelier in the country, who has an unique audio stand for selecting the sound exactly to your taste!

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