Loistavaa palvelua; irroitettava koukku ja DEFAn moottorilämmitin + sisäpistoke yli tonnin halvemmalla kuin Suomessa. Helpdesk hoiti homman ensiluokkaisesti! Great service; towbar and engine heater much heaper than in Finland and the helpdesk was excellent!
Matti S, Opel Astra K 2015

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Audio system PREMIUM PLUS

2 x more power, 2 x more emotions, 2 x more pleasure! Double the power of Premium system! An original head unit as well as the car interior will not be changed, but the sound will change totally – you will just not recognize it! Today Premium Plus system is the most popular audio solution, that our clients choose.

The main difference between Premium and Premium Plus audio systems is, that the last one includes: more powerful amplifier, more powerful speakers with better sounding and improved 2-layer door insulation according to the standards of our top noise damping package.

Choose one of two Premium Plus system versions:

Premium Plus – 790€
1. Amplifier Excursion HXA-45
2. Speakers for front doors U-Dimension Elcomp-6
3. Speakers for rear doors U-Dimension Elcomp-6
4. Improved doors insulation Silent Coat
5. Full installation and support

Premium Plus with subwoofer – 1200€
1. Amplifier Hertz HCP-5D 1500W
2. Speakers for front doors U-Dimension Elcomp-6
3. Speakers for back doors U-Dimension Elcoax-6
4. Subwoofer Excursion SHX-10D4 300W in enclosure
5. Improved doors insulation Silent Coat
6. Full installation and support

Front Focal speakers of PERFORMANCE series is also an option. Both systems prices with Focal speakers are 100€ higher.

Never buy a pig in a poke! Yo are welcome to our atelier to listen the audio system before buying it. Do not trust just the advices, believe your hearing and your emotions! Register yourself for the listening meeting by phone +372 50 25 85.

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