Vetokoukun asennus B8 Audiin onnistui hyvin. Hyvä palvelu, suosittelen. Lähellä Tallinnan keskustaa.
J.S. Audi A4 2.0TDI 2009

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Replаcе the head unit

The head unit in Your car does not meet the requirements of the contemporary man. There is neither navigation nor hands free equipment, it doesn’t control subwoofer and it even lacks the USB-input that is absolutely necessary today! You would like to listen to a CD, but the car cassette player is antediluvian. It’s no problem – we have got the impressive range of head units. Come to see, to touch and to listen.

You will find at our company the universal head units from the reliable manufacturers only. In our showroom we introduce such brands as ALPINE, KENWOOD, PIONEER and CLARION: from the very simple models for replacement of a broken conventional radio recorder to the full-function multimedia stations.
Visit our Internet shop and make your choice!

Nowadays special multimedia centres have been developed for many car brands. They are installed instead of the original head units at any level of complexity.
Multimedia centres of the latest generation are specifically manufactured for the particular brand and they match the shapes and colour of the plastic, so that nobody could say that you have changed something in the car interior. After installation of such centre You receive the certain benefits, like:
1. Large high-definition display
2. GPS navigation with full set of maps for travel
3. Support and posssibility to watch every video format
3. Support of every аudio carrier – CD, USB, iPod
4. Hands free Bluetooth for telephone
5. Opportunity to connect with the rear view camera
6. Opportunity to connect and watch digital television
7. Opportunity to attach a monitor for passengers on the rear seat, without installation of additional DVD-player. Тhus passengers can watch a film from the DVD with headphones, while You are enjoying the music from the USB and using navigation on the main screen.

So, cutting-the-edge technologies are now available for You, too! Ask for a personal offer for Your car brand! 

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