I had premium noise installation done a year ago and I have been very happy with the results. The noise has decreased a lot and the most annoying frequencies coming from studded winter tyres are pretty much gone. Thank you!
Lauri Salminen, Skoda Octavia II Combi

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Palvelu erinomaista, yhteydenotot sähköpostin välityksellä toimi erittäin nopeasti ja ammattitaitoisesti. Autoon asennettiin vetokoukku joka sujui hyvin, aamulaivalla Tallinnaan ja iltalaivalla takaisin Helsinkiin. Vetokoukun asennusta voi suositella muillekkin, hinta edullinen, alle puolet Suomen hintatasosta.
Antti Saltiola, Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI

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Noise Insulation Package CLASSIC

 If You mostly drive your car in the city, this is a Noise Insulation Package for You. It sorts out the main problems of modern medium class car. This package includes boot treatment up to back seats together with rear wings, doors, bonnet as well as the front wheel arches and wings. By selecting this package, You opt for better acoustics, avoid drumming of door lining, considerably decrease rear wheels noise, plus work of suspension becomes “softer” and more comfortable.

With a Classic Noise insulation package, the materials are only installed where You will really feel their effect while driving in the city conditions.
The most effective vibration absorber, Silent Coat Extra, 4-mm-thick, is installed on the rear arches, next they are covered with the 35-mm-thick Sound Absorber.
On the trunk floor a hight-effective vibration absorber Silent Coat Extra, 4 mm thick, is installed. O. This vibration absorber is fully covered with Noise Isolator which can be 4 - 6 mm thick.

Such solution considerably decreases noise from the rear wheels, dampens vibration from rear suspension that is transmitted forwards through a vehicle body.
Doors are treated with the vibration absorber Silent Coat Standard, 2 mm, both inside and outside, and between lining and door is installed Sound Absorber 15 mm. As a result, outer door metal sheet stops vibration during driving, and no sounds penetrate a car interior, plus sound absorber serves as the last barrier for remaining outer sounds.
A hood is actually a large iron sheet vibrating while driving and transmitting the vibration into a car interior through the various attaching points. We make them heavier and dampen vibration with a help of the Silent Coat Standard.

This package do not require dismantling of a car interior. In order to decrease noise and vibration from the front wheels, we install the 2-mm-thick vibration absorber Silent Coat Standard treat the front fenders.

Package price  795 €

Installation time – 1 full day

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