Dear Sirs, I watched your internet pages and the first I like to say thank you for the great websites with great photos and videos.
Elmeri Tanskanen

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Kiire vastus, tunti huvi. Kahjuks ei oska reaalse teeninduse kohta öelda, sest enda vea tõttu (google otsing) ei pannud tähele, et suhtlen firmaga, mis asub teises linnas.

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Töö kiire ja korralik, teenindus väga hea. Pahameelt tegi vaid see, et töömees, kes mu auto tagasi maja ettte tõi, sõitis esistange tänavaäärekivile kandma - kriipides selle alt.

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Immobilizer is a device that protects a car against theft. It prevents the engine from being started, even if a carthief has got the car keys. Immobilizer blocks the main electric circuits in the car. The immobilizer can be only switched off with a help of the personal PIN-code or the unique electronic key.

Immobilizer Skybrake DD5

Immobilaizer SkyBrake DD5 is the most reliable immobilaizer, that is available in the market nowadays. Immobilaizer SkyBrake DD5 will be switched off automatically, if the electronic key is in the car. There is no need to take the key out of the pocket – just get into the car and start the engine!

Cost with installation – 219 €


Immobilizer Cheetah

This is a transponder immobilizer with the two car blocking systems. The car has a device for reading off a PIN-code from the card that can be installed, for example, in the place where you keep the wallet or your documents. In order to start the engine you need to present the card at a distance of 5-10 сm from the card reader and the immobilizer will be disactivated. Immobilizers are activated automatically and only in some time after switching the engine off. 

Cost with installation is 189 €


Immobilizer ZX40 KP

This is a coded immobilizer with 2 blockings of engine. Every time before starting the engine You need to insert the personal PIN-code of four figures.

Cost with installation – 189 €


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