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Video / Мultimedia systems

Have You asked yourself what You can get using a good entertaining multimedia and video system in the car? Today Your car is Your second home, so, don’t deprive yourself of all the opportunities You enjoy at home, but take them along!
Pick the most optimal solution for You and Your car.

Entertaining kids and passengers sitting in the back

How to entertain the family during a long travel?
The best thing is to install video systems for passengers sitting in the back. Nowadays the opportunities are unlimited: what about video displays, built in the headrests with a single DVD рlayer, or a big folder screen installed in the car ceiling. 


Connecting DVD player to a conventional display

Many contemporary vehicles have got the original displays for data output from the onboard computer or inbuilt navigation. Normally, they lack an opportunity to watch video or connection, e.g., to the additional tuner for watching the digital television.


Get digital television into the car

The opportunities of today allow to watch all Your favourite channels in the car too. We can install a TV-tuner into Your car, and it will receive and show the digital television. 


Мultimedia centres

Up-to-date multimedia centres not only ensure listening to music or watching films. They combine all tools nеccessary for safe and comfortable drive.


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