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Heikki Laukkanen, Mazda 6 2012

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Install аdditional subwoofer

Subwoofer is the dynamic that plays the deepest notes. It will solve a problem of lack of bass in the car. There is no sense in listening to modern or club music without subwoofer – don’t torture your ears!

Although subwoofer is not exactly small, it can be installed without occupying much of the car space. One of the easiest ways is to make a subwoofer movable, so that it could be simply taken out of the trunk if you need to take, e.g. a pram.

The in-built casings for subwoofers, or as they are called, subwoofers Stealth, are made from composite materials according to the car shape. It means, we can hide a subwoofer casing, for example, into wing, and fit up the interior part to match the original design of the saloon. Anyway, hide the power into the unused car niches аnd use the trunk for its intended purpose.

Subwoofers in the movable casings are in a sense less practical, but more affordable. If You don’t use the trunk – this is the ideal value for money. And remember: casings can be different in size – from the compact to very big ones.

Ноwever, the maximum power is never compromising, and our opportunities are really unlimited. Assign the tasks and we’ll be glad to accomplish them. We’ll place and perfоrm Your audio system so that You could enjoy everything, its appearance inclusive!
By the way, in many cars after installation of subwoofer there is still enough space in the trunk. 

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